Making Jesus the Center

Our Passion


We value the teaching of God's inerrant word, the Bible. We passionatly persue God through His word as we grow through the stages of the Christian life.


We Praise God in our worship through our song and lives in Christ. Knowing God created, we fell, Jesus redemed and we must respond to be restored we bring Him glory by living our lives for Him, in obedience to Him.


We value fellowship in the body of Christ. As a community, we are always learning how to personalize the practices of Jesus according to our sin, season, and stage of life.


We value our service for Christ. Our best apologetic is to tell the world that jesus offers us a better way to life, a better way to live, a better way to lead. Practically, we ought to serve the four needs of the Blue Marsh area and beyond: Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, and Relational.

Our Practices